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In response to COVID-19, Nouveau has made numerous changes to our venue in the hopes that guests will feel more comfortable attending events here.



All staff are required to wear N95 masks upon entry to the venue and throughout all events.




All glassware provided by Nouveau is sanitized using Dept of Health guidelines. Drink covers are available to all customers who want them. Guests may bring in their own personal wine glass as well as their own rocks glass (under 12oz), if they choose to do so, as long as they are made of clear glass/plastic.




We have re-routed all 4 of our ROOF TOP Air Conditioner intakes to pull air from our back office area where no people are ever allowed. This ensures air coming IN and then OUT of our AC units originates from a "clean" source.




We have installed 20 air intake vents throughout the venue. The intakes work the same way a residential bathroom vent works. When turned on, polluted air is taken up and out of the room. These 20 vents aid in the removal of stagnant air throughout the venue during operating hours.




Sanitation stations are setup throughout the venue.




All ice drink/wells are covered with plexiglass as is our Buffet station where food is served. Guests may bring in their own personal eating utensils.




All entry doors have Foot Step N Pulls and/or Forearm pulls for no hands entry.




Extra air vents have been added to the bathrooms along with no touch towel dispensers. Kleenex boxes are provided in each stall to use for no direct touch flushing.




All tables will have a cloth overlay when receptions start. Just before eating, these cloth overlays will be removed thus helping to ensure the linen underneath is clean and ready to be used for dinner service.




Nouveau is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before, after and during all events




Nouveau follows all Minimum Standard Health Protocols set by the Governor and Health officials including occupancy limitations and social distancing requirements.

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